Ecommerce Europe appointed as Chair of the UPU Consultative Committee

PRESS RELEASE December 14, 2016

Today, Walter Trezek, Co-chair of the e-Logistics Working Group of Ecommerce Europe, has been officially appointed Chair of the Consultative Committee of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The Consultative Committee enables postal stakeholders who are not public postal operators or regulators to add their voice to UPU deliberations. The Committee represents the interests of the wider postal sector, providing a framework for effective dialogue and playing a key role in developing a more global vision of the issues affecting the sector.

“As cross-border parcel delivery is still one of the greatest hurdles facing online merchants selling to customers outside their home markets, Ecommerce Europe is actively helping to shape the market and make it fit for the needs of a modern e-commerce sector. The appointment of Mr. Trezek as Chair of the Consultative Committee is another successful step towards this key objective, and will provide the UPU with access to Ecommerce Europe expertise in the field of parcel delivery. We are truly convinced that this will lead to innovation in this sector, both at European level and globally”, declared Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe.

In his role as Chair of the UPU Consultative Committee, Walter Trezek will facilitate effective dialogue between all stakeholders, develop recommendations for UPU policy, regulation and operations, and foster the involvement of wider postal stakeholders in creating a better understanding between stakeholders and member countries of the UPU. “The Consultative Committee adds a third dimension to the UPU, helping developing e-commerce and postal related financial services”, declared Mr. Pascal Clivaz, Vice-Director General of the UPU. “The Consultative Committee shall help to advance the development of the Union, as it reforms its structure”, he concluded.

“This appointment comes at a time during which the new fundamentals of global commerce are being determined”, said Walter Trezek, the newly elected Chair of the UPU Consultative Committee. “It is an honor to represent Ecommerce Europe as it leads the work of the committee’s members, consisting of wider postal stakeholders and selected postal members, in consulting with the UPU and helping to develop postal services and products which will better serve the global community”, Mr. Trezek concludes.

 About the UPU

The UPU, with its 192 member countries, is the primary forum for cooperation between players in the global postal sector. It creates the backbone for a truly universal network of modern products and services. It sets the rules for the international exchange of mail and makes recommendations designed to stimulate growth in mail, parcel and financial services volumes, and to improve quality of service for customers. The Consultative Committee of the UPU fulfils an advisory, mediation and liaison role, and provides technical assistance where needed.


About Ecommerce Europe

Ecommerce Europe is the association representing 25,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe. Founded by leading national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe. Its mission is to stimulate cross-border e-commerce through lobbying for better or desired policy, by offering a European platform bringing the European e-commerce sector and other stakeholders together, and by providing in-depth research data about European markets.



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